Quadrant was established in 2005 and carries on business in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Its head office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Quadrant has a growing team of professionals including accountants, lawyers, financial analysts and accredited wealth planners available to deliver the highest level of service to its client base.

Quadrant is primarily a “manager of managers” delivering conventional and alternative asset classes to client portfolios managed by best in class institutional investment teams.

Dedicated to serving each client, we provide comprehensive and creative investment management solutions to individuals, families and institutions relevant to their unique financial needs, position and goals.

Quadrant's Investment Philosophy

Quadrant believes that managing an investment portfolio does not rest either in adopting an active or passive approach but rather a hybrid of the two. While the underlying asset class may lend itself to an active (i.e. Small Cap) or passive (i.e. Government bonds) approach, these underlying asset classes should be structured to create a dynamic asset mix that is “right” for a client.

Quadrant believes that certain investment managers have demonstrated skill over many business cycles and have outperformed relevant indices or benchmarks on a risk adjusted basis after fees. Quadrant continually searches for managers, asset classes and investment styles that can add value to client portfolios.

Quadrant Investment Newsletter

Quadrant's regular newsletter highlights topics we believe will affect markets or are important in understanding them. You can view our latest newsletters below.

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